Steel House

Frames are easy to handle on-site, quick to install and no delays waiting for frames to dry.

Jones Industries steel frames are easy to work with. They are delivered pre-assembled and weigh about 30% less than timber frames. Because the frames are easy to handle on-site, they are quick to install and there is also no delays waiting for frames to dry. Jones Industries can also install the frames and thus by coordinating manufacture, delivery and installation with experiences installers, we can provide a fast construction time.

Steel framing is completely priced in today’s construction market.

We can even recommend sub-trades to again make your building process easier and faster. During our installation process we also have regular quality inspection checks as well as a final sign-off and supply a completion Producer Statement to ensure your installed frames meet our strict quality standards.

Compared to the price of wood, steel price have remained very stable over the past decade. While the price of traditional wood framing materials has been erratic and growing at a rate much faster than inflation, steel prices have only experienced small adjustments over the last few years. Because Jones Industries Steel Frames are the same dimension as timber frames we can quote on your plans drawn in timber.

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